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We usually have one major event where we bring in a world renowned woodworker like Marc Adams. Pooling our resources to get someone like Marc Adams is a benefit of our Guild.

If you are not familiar with our Guild, we encourage you to come visit with us at one of our monthly meetings. We all come from a variety of backgrounds, but we all love working with wood. So, come on down and visit.

If you would like more information about our Guild or you would like to become a member please contact any of our officers and they would be happy to help you get aquainted with other members and to help you with your membership. Our annual dues are $20.00 or $10.00 if you join after June.

The Half-a-Sheet O' Plywood Contest
 An Original Contest Idea (unless someone can find it 'out-there', in which case, please forward me the official rules and author so I can give credit) 


1.  Make whatever you want out of, but not to exceed 16 sq. feet of a 1/2" Plywood. 

2.  You may obtain your 16 square feet of material from a single sheet divided anyway you wish (straight cuts, arcing cuts, etc.), as long as you end up with only 16 square feet.  You will need to document on a piece of paper (most easily on graph paper) by drawing on that paper to a convenient scale, how you divided up the sheet.  You will also need to document on a piece of paper the major parts and how they layed-out on your 16 square-foot piece of material. 

3.  You may use as much glue and as many fasteners (of any material) of your choosing, as you wish.  Or no fasteners or glue if you wish to submit something that friction fits together.

4.  You cannot use any material other than what is listed in the lines above.  No other metallic hardware (no hinges, glides, pulls, etc.) or non-plywood (out of the 16 square feet) workings.  No separate edge-banding.  The only edge-banding allowed will need to be made out of your 16 square feet of project plywood.   Judging will lean towards the most original idea(s) where possible AND towards the entrants' using all (or as close to all) of the noted material.

Projects for consideration into this contest will need to be submitted to the Guild as part of the December 2014 General Membership Meeting.  (Right now scheduled for Tuesday, December 16, 2014, unless I hear back from the Senior Center that, that date is unavailable.)  Photos will be taken for documentation purposes and the submitted projects will be the responsibility of the woodworker to take possession of and to bring back to the date and time of judging (see below).  In other words; I don't want to take all of these projects home with me (or dish off on someone else) to store for a month.  Photos will be taken to try to limit additional work being done on the projects between the submission date and the judging time.

*Projects will be judged and awards presented at the January 2015 General Membership Meeting.